We like to call what we do, Groove Music. It's an amalgamation of old school rock, blues, funk, R&B and country rhythms. We play a diverse mix of deep cuts from artists such as the following to name but a few...

The Allman Brothers
The Band
The Beatles
Dave Brubeck
Jimmy Buffett
Johnny Cash
Eric Clapton
Sam Cooke
Charlie Daniels
Bob Dylan
Blind Faith
The Meters
Marvin Gaye
Grateful Dead
Howlin' Wolf
J.J. Cale
Albert King
Bo Diddley
B.B. King
Lynyrd Skynyrd
Little Feat
Bob Marley
Marshall Tucker Band
Dave Mason
Van Morrison
Muddy Waters
Willie Nelson
The Neville Brothers
Wilson Pickett
The Rolling Stones
Steely Dan
Neil Young
Bill Withers
Stevie Wonder

Click here to have a look at a partial song list.

Actually the easiest way to tell you how we sound is to let you just hear the darn band, no? These tracks were recorded live and are presented here, warts and all, for your listening pleasure :
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