The Flying Oatsmen
Band Biographies

JERRY SORN - Originally from upstate New York, Jerry headed south in the early 70ís. Eventually settling in Macon, due to recommendation from friends, he subsequently played with an original band called the Tall Dogs, contemporaries of fusion bands like the Dixie Dregs. From '89 - '93 Jerry played lead electric 12-string with Michael Clarke's Byrds doing several Department Of Defense tours to 16 countries in the Caribbean, Central America, the Mediterranean and Africa.

In addition to his prowess on the guitar, Jerry is also an excellent keyboard player and has been known to dabble on the pedal steel. Jerry comes to the Oatsmen with loads of experience and an immense talent.

RB - Russell Brown bought his first guitar when he was in third grade and was playing in bands by age 12. In the tradition of rockers such as "Sting" and "Meat Loaf", he changed his stage name to "Roast Beef". Never quite catching on and tired of explanations he shortened it to "RB".
MARTY KELLY - Marty was hiking one day in the 1970s when he noticed something on the trail. Always attracted by small, shiny objects, he acquired his first harmonica. Influenced by such music legends as Earthquake Mulligan and Fingers Taylor, Marty admits to "stealing licks from everyone I've ever heard".
SCOTT BALUN - Aside from being a wiley techie, Scott also wields a mean bass. With influences that range from the Grateful Dead to gospel, Scott blends his bass stylings with ease in any direction the music takes him. When not playing music with The Flying Oatsmen, Scott enjoys body surfing, volleyball, and writing Haiku.
MARK CHESTER - A graphic designer by trade, Mark's earliest contribution to the band was the logo. Since they couldn't afford to pay him for his efforts, they let him in the band. The guys handed him some bongos and said "Bang on these but not too loud.". Damned if he didn't have some rhythm!
DARREN GOOT - Darren was dropped off at the Kelly compound in a very large basket wrapped in a blanket with a note that read, "NOT FRAGILE - USE CAUTION WHEN FEEDING." Oddly, there was a pair of drumsticks clinched in his fist.

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